Who is your audience? That’s one of the first things I say to a new prospective client. More often then not, I get a response back like “IDK, that’s why I’m here?” Haha. Fair enough. All too often people assume the audience and then fall flat when it turns out that they were wrong.

One of the things I’m proudest of here at Savvy Sauce is the amount of research that goes into finding out exactly who the audience is.  And here’s one of the tools I use to help me nail down who audiences are for my clients. It’s called the Facebook Audience Insights tool.


Yep, using the power of the almighty data engine that is Facebook to find out who is interested in what. I can filter the entire user base of Facebook down to what people like, dislike, activities taken, and by whom. It’s also free, which is really the best part.

So I start off with a generic interest and I filter it down until I have a rough idea. Then using my own system called The Savvy Wheel, I can take these interests and nail them down to non-algorithm based targets. In laymen’s terms, I find out what they actually like, versus what Facebook says they like.

Once you really know what people like, then I can write copy specifically to that person. Makes sense, right?

To see the full system in action, give me a call to put Savvy Sauce in action for your business!