When making a lead generation ad for Facebook, the common misconception is that you need to lead people who click on your ad to a landing page. That’s so 2018, bro.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of landing pages, and Click Funnels. Just not for finding leads on Facebook, especially in our industry.

No, my money is on the Lead Generation option.

Why? Because you no longer need to send someone who clicked on your link to a page off of Facebook. People’s interest, and more importantly, attention, drops off a cliff when you send people to a new page.

So trying to get them to fill in an email, or phone number gets drastically harder.

Avoid all that hard work and just use Facebook’s built-in lead generation form.

You can make as many forms as you wish. You can ask people to leave a name, phone number, email, or any other sort of information you’d like to get from them.

And people are still on Facebook. A site that they mostly trust. Not some random, alien landing page they’ve never seen or heard of before.

Trust. That’s the name of the game here.

So try out a lead gen form for your next ad!

~ Troy