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Far Cry 5 Review

Probably the best Far Cry game to be made!

Graphics: The graphics are pure amazing, they just pop right off the screen from the beautifully decorated forest to the swamp water lake scenes. They are seriously very nice and also deeply optimized so they offer a smooth game play, no matter the rig you are using, you can always have gorgeous visuals.

Far Cry 5 PC is gorgeous..

Audio: The audio is also spot on and offers some really nice deep thoughtful sounds that keep you drawn in.

Controls: The controls are good, not amazing but good. There is some work here with the way things control and handle but they are good enough to get over and enjoy the game looking past some odd controlling issues.

Everything else: IF you enjoy the Far Cry series then 100% you will enjoy this one. Without a doubt it must be the best Far Cry game to date. There is so much to do from hunting, fishing, road kill, hitting an enemy so hard they fly so far you feel like the hulk, there is humour, sarcasm and enjoyment all over this game.
I am against buying Ubisoft games because of their antics in the past more than 3 times, but this Far Cry should not be passed up. Seriously it is amazing and worth the money they want to dive in and enjoy.

The animals are no joke in this game.

One problem I noticed is the way the co-op works! The host is the only one who keeps the game play progression, every other person who joins does not get this progression, they only keep their character progression like money, skill points, stats, ammo… The game play itself is not stored or saved with you, only the host and I feel this is a huge let down forcing people to split up the game play.

You can do so much with a gorgeous visual aspect. There is all sorts of quests and objectives to do. There is customising which is nice, also there are an awful lot of small features built in that make this enjoyable.

I was killed more times by a bear or cougar than anything else… Wandering through a forest, world of my own and I was being stalked by a predator and dead… Heck you can even see these predators stalking AI across a road etc and it’s amazing to see. You can hunt them anyway you see fit…. Having this deadly option in the game is fun.

(I hoped into a car, something like a bull but bigger smashed into the side of my car and sent me flying off a cliff and I died, like I thought erm okay, nice to know)

There are a lot of easter eggs to find, which is always nice. The overal game aspect is very thought out and you can see that which is good.
Shooting and driving is a fun aspect and makes for a solid gameplay.

Stealth, guns blazing, helicopter, plane combat in one… Amazing fun!

There is an awful lot of hidden features built in that will make the game feel more alive and much more thought out which will bring you deeper into the world. I am not going to reveal to much because it would spoil the”wow” factor, but seriously, get this game!

Would I recommend this game? Yes, I would without a doubt!

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