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About Our Website

Hello Friends!

Savvy Sauce™ is a variety blog website that addresses the “need to know” of the American life. We want to be savvy in our knowledge of current events politically, technically, personally and so on. The best way to explain:

Bland old spaghetti

We get a bowl of spaghetti. It’s just plain old pasta, not much taste or personality, not savvy at all, just bland. So, we add sauce to intensify the flavor. We add alfredo, marinara, pesto, cheese, or olive oil.

Sometimes we make it from scratch or open a can, but either way the plain old spaghetti suddenly becomes an explosion of taste and smell. It’s so good, satisfying our hunger and the emotional high that comes from eating something delicious. We serve it with garlic bread, Caesar salad, parmesan and a glass of Merlot. Next, Crème Brule with an Espresso. And, of course, pleasant and savvy conversation!

Savvy Spaghetti

Likewise, our hope is to provide our viewers with information that is based on research, need, and facts. This is the “sauce”. To provide a strong knowledge base on which to make your own opinions while being aware of what is really happening in the world and sometimes what has happened in the past that forms current thoughts and events. We deviate from this when the “Opine” bug hits, and it gets a bit hot!

At times we’ll add a splash of lemony humor, or a dash of spice.

We want to add sauce to our lives, so we can be more informed, more interesting to others, more appetizing and now, you’ve got it—more savvy!

Please note, news items are reported in an unbiased way, showing all sides known to us of any issue or report. When we do feel the need to editorialize, there’s a special section. We’ll cover a variety of topics and events. Like a menu at a restaurant you can choose which topic interests you. And yes, we have a section just for saucy recipes! We’re excited and hope you are too. So, come on, let’s get savvy.

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